Godolphin House, Godolphin Cross

Silver Greyhound Presentation, Godolphin House, 28th May 1909


Presentation of a Silver Greyhound to George Godolphin Osborne, 10th Duke of Leeds, by the tenants of Godolphin Estate on 28th May 1909. The following people are listed as subscribers for the gift and it is presumed that most of them are present in the photograph: Edwin Adams, W H Adams, J E Andrewartha, George Anthony, T J Bailey, J Banfield, J Bennetts, T Benry, R J T Berryman, Trevenen Bettens, W Blackwell, George Blight, W Blight, W J Bowden, E A Bree, Thomas S Bree, Henry Brush, Stephen Champion, Francis Chown, Thomas Christophers, Richard Coad, James Cock, Thomas Cock, John Cornish, Rev H L Coulthard, George Cunnack, Oakley Eddy, C Edwards, John Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Ellis and Son, P Eustice, Thomas Eustice, J H Gilbert, John Gill, E C Goldsworthy, E Harris, J Harvey, Thomas Harvey, T H Harvey, C Harry, Thomas Hocking, F J Hosken, Hosken Trevithick and Polkinghorn Ltd, W T H Hosken, E Hosking, J D Hosking, James Jacka, H James, John James, James James, William James, Jenkin and Smitham, E Jennings, G Jennings, James Johns, J Kellow, G Kellow, R Keskeys, E King, T Kitchen, F Kitto, Alfred Laity, George J Laity, Honor Laity, Joseph Laity, T R Laity, William Laity, Rev J F Lemon, John Liddicoat, Lovering and Company, S Lugg, J Lukey, W Lukey, Richard Luley, E Major, F J Matthew, William Middlin, James Mitchell, J B Mitchell, John Mitchell, Grace Mollard, H A Morris, H McGill Morris, M and E Moreton, John Nicholls, William Nicholls, Thomas Noy, James Pearce, J Pengilley, T H Pengelly, B D Piper, Mary Polglase, Sam Polglase, S J Polglase, George Prout, E Pryor, J Pryor, John Pryor, Peter Quintrell, A E Ratcliffe, Redruth Brewery Company, R H Reed, J Richards, J F Richards, Mrs Richards, Philp Richards, T W Richards, W T Richards, Richards and Trezise, William Roberts, William Rosewarne, Leslie Rowe, W J Rowling, R Sampson, T J Sampson, J L Sleeman, G Smith, W J Staple, John Stephens, Richard Stephens, Thomas Stephens, W Stephens, William Stephens, W J Stephens, C J Tallack, Richard Taylor, C Thomas, Hedley Thomas, J Thomas, John Thomas, John Thomas, Simon H Toll, John H Toll, Henry Toy, John Toy, T R Tregear, W H Tregear, J Tregembo, J Treloar, J Trevaskis, J H Trevaskis, M Trewhella, J M Trezise, J Tripconey, T H Tripp, Jacob J Tyacke, R Tyack, J H Vine, B Vivian, C Wakeham, B Watters, Edward Williams, J Williams, J H Williams, R J Williams, J Wills, William Wills, James Woolcock. Photograph by Henry Opie & Sons.