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Stamps Wheel, Treworlis Mine, Lowertown, about 1959

PlaceLowertown (Treworlis Tin Stamps, near Trenethick Barton) Cornwall United Kingdom
Date1959. about
KeywordsTrades and Professions Mining Helston
CopyrightImage Courtesy of Helston Museum

The water driven tin stamp wheel at Treworlis Mine, Lowertown, demolished in 1959. Information from: - Treworlis mine sett lies about a mile northeast of Helston near the site of Trenethick Manor. It worked a solitary lode from New Engine Shaft, Old Engine Shaft and Tremenheere Shaft, producing medium grade copper ore as well as black tin. The mine commenced working in Spring 1859 after a lease was granted by the mineral lords - The Duchy of Cornwall. Production was 353 tons of tin between 1860 and 1874 as well as 704 tons of 5.25% copper ore between 1860 and 1864 and also in 1868. Thomas Spargo writes in his 'The mines of Cornwall and Devon; Statistics and Observations' (1865) that Treworlis '... in the parish of Wendron, about a mile east of Helston, was set to work in April, 1859. The dues, l-18th are paid to the Duke of Cornwall. There is only one lode worked on. The depth of the mine is 43 fathoms. 55 men, 4 females, and 20 boys, employed on the works (in 1861). The water is pumped by a 26-inch cylinder engine. Purser, Mr. H. Rogers, Helston; manager, Captain John Burgan, Helston; agent on the mine, Captain Bennet Dunstan. The company are now working in a spirited manner, with good prospects of success. There is some copper-ore in the lode, but tin predominates'.