KuggarKennack Sands

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Kennack Sands, Kuggar, about 1948

PlaceKennack Sands, Kuggar Cornwall United Kingdom
Date1948. about
KeywordsKuggar/Kennack Sands
PhotographerGrattan, Frank
PublisherPen Pol Studio
Copyright© Estate of Frank Grattan

Photographic postcard of Kennack Sands, Kuggar, taken around 1948. The photograph is taken from above the lane which goes down to the beach. There are a couple of vehicles descending the lane with two women walking down next to them. Two vehicles are parked in a layby, with a man standing next to one and a lady sitting on a picnic blanket. In the centre of the photograph at the bottom of the rocks on the beach can be seen a building. Pill boxes and an anti tank wall were built on the back of the beach in case of invasion during World War II.