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Miners at Wheal Vor, Carleen, about 1906

PlaceWheal Vor Mine, Carleen, Breage Cornwall United Kingdom
Date1906. about
KeywordsTrades and Professions Mining People Carleen
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Photographic postcard of ten miners at Wheal Vor Mine at Carleen in Breage Parish, about 1906. The miners are standing next to some machinery. Wheal Vor was one of the area's most productive mines and, in 1840, it was one of Cornwall's biggest and richest tin mines. It was well known for trialling the latest technical innovations including being the first mine to install a Newcomen pumping engine and the first mine to use steam power. From 1848 onwards, Wheal Vor was plagued with frequent closures and restarts including an unsuccessful attempt to rework sections of the mine in 1906.