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Interior of Harris' Mill, Lowertown, Helston, about 1930

PlaceHelston Cornwall United Kingdom
Date1930. about
KeywordsTrades and Professions Miller Helston
PhotographerHawke, Alfred Herbert
Copyright© Estate of A H Hawke

The interior of Harris' Mill Lowertown, Helston, about 1930. Situated on the River Cober, the watermill was still at work in 1960. It was originally built for the manufacture of woollen blankets and later converted to a flour mill. The main shaft was carried up through the first floor and, by means of a crown wheel and pinion, drove auxiliary machinery. The lower wheel rotated continuously and the upper wheel was fixed to an axle with chain. A loose strap hung from the upper wheel. When sacks of flour required to be hoisted through trap doors in the floors of the mill, the jockey pulley was pulled by a cord against the strap, causing the belt to drive. This was a comparatively modern practice. The bottom right side of the photograph is embossed with the photographer's name, Hawke of Helston. See also HESFM:1977.611 and HESFM:1977.612.