Helston Constabulary, 1928


The Helston Sub Division of the Falmouth Division of Cornwall Constabulary, 1928. Back row, left to right: PC Samuel Pearce (collar number 205, stationed at Porkellis from 6.2.1928 to 8.11.1932 and later Helston), PC John Bennett (collar number 201, stationed at Porthleven from 15.12.1925 to 8.11.1932 and later Helston), PC John Charles Mallet (collar number 113, stationed at The Lizard from 15.12.1925 to 3.10.1930 and later Constantine), PC Walter Henry Dymond (collar number 196, stationed at Helston from 6.2.1928 to 5.12.1930 and previously at Porkellis), PC John Miller (collar number 43, stationed at Breage from 15.12.1925 to 30.7.1931), PC Charles Leslie Teague (collar number 12, stationed at Helston from 16.1.1925 to 3.5.1929), PC Charles Edwin Pearn (collar number 46, stationed at Helston from 4.5.1928 to 24.11.1928). Front row, left to right: PC Edgar Ead (collar number 97, stationed at Mullion from 31.12.1921 to 15.8.1929), Inspector Thomas Lee (stationed at Helston between 30.8.1922 and his retirement on 31.11.1928), Superintendent Thomas Nicholls (Falmouth Division from 30.11.1917 until his retirement on 31.5.1930), Sergeant Samuel John Grainger (stationed at Mawgan-in-Meneage from 1.6.1926 to 30.7.1931), PC Percy Job (collar number 38, stationed at St Keverne from 15.12.1925 to The photograph may have been taken to mark the retirement of Inspector Lee and it is interesting to note that PC Dymond is incorrectly identified as PC Bassett on the mount of the photograph. Research has found that the collar number 196 belonged to PC Dymond and that there is no trace of a PC Bassett within the Helston Sub Division. It is possible that the police officer's name was changed to Bassett deliberately as on 29.1.1931 PC Dymond was "called upon to resign for discreditable conduct".

Beating the Bounds, Helston, 1928


Photographic postcard of a large group of men and boys taken after tea at Blackdowns, Helston, during the Beating the Bounds ceremony on 22nd May 1928. Standing (left to right) a representative from the press, Mr Wesley Moyle, unidentified boy, Rev Gilbert Hunter Doble, S Oates, L Wearne, two unidentified boys, Mr Edwin Richards, Jack Shannon, 3 unidentified boys, Mr J P Rogers, Mr Edwin James, Mr W J Crute. Sitting (left to right) Mr W Maclean, unidentified visitor, Mr J Adams, Mr W J Rogers, Mayor John Bennett Martin, Mr Francis Henry Cunnack, Mr F P Sandry, Rev F G Graham. Sitting on ground (left to right) Mr W J Trezise in centre with 7 unidentified boys. The boys in the group include Cyril Reed, Tom Downing, H Symons, W Rogers and Jack Shannon from the Wesleyan School; Leonard Kinden, Francis Davies, A Hendy, Clifford Jeffery and Walter Bray from the Church School; Gerald Hawke, L Wearne, E Hender, S Oates, C Oliver and R Hart from the County Secondary School. Beating the Bounds is an ancient custom dating back to 1585 which continues to the present day. The perimeter of the Borough of Helston was marked by boundary stones, three of which remain in place today. In the days before maps, it was important to regularly walk the exact boundary to guard against encroachments and pass on this knowledge to the younger generation. A sod of turf was cut and placed on the boundary stone. Many of the children in the photograph can be seen holding sticks which were used to beat the turf. A sprig of May was then stuck into the turf and cheers were given before some of the children were turned upside down to have their heads bumped on the turfed stone. The tea was catered by Messrs J H & S Wearne whose signage can be seen on the left. Photograph by A H Hawke of Helston.