Godolphin Cross

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Reeve Day, Godolphin House, 1911

PlaceGodolphin Cross Cornwall United Kingdom
KeywordsLocal Customs Godolphin Cross
PhotographerPaul, Vaughan T
Copyright© Helston Museum

The scene at "Reeve Day", Godolphin House, 1911 showing a group of 20 people, including a small child, in the dining room. Reeve Day was a local tradition, unique to Godolphin, held on Candlemas (2nd February). The Reeve of the Manor of Lamburne would come to collect a rent charge upon the estate. "The reeve knocked thrice upon the oaken door. 'I come,' he cried, 'to demand my lord’s just dues–eight groats and a penny, a loaf, a cheese, a collar of brawn, and a jack of the best beer in the house. God save the King and the lord of the manor'. When the doors were opened, the Reeve and some forty guests sat down to breakfast together".